Saint Anthony Catholic Church


Mass and Services

-Sunday Mass- 10:00 a.m.

- Bible Study and Mass Wednesday- 6:00 p.m.


Address: 1009 Virginia Ave. NW. Norton, Va 24273

Phone: (276) 679-2336

St. Anthony's-Norton,Va

Founded in the 1930's, St. Anthony's is now the largest parish in the Holy Trinity Cluster.  St. Anthony's is a loving community of people from many diverse backgrounds who all gather together to celebrate our shared Catholic Faith.  

Address: 1009 Virginia Ave. NW. 

Norton, VA 24273

Phone: 276-679-2336

Regular Services

Mass Times:

  Sunday- 10:00 a.m.

  Wednesday- 12:00 p.m. 

Bible Study:

Prayer Services:

  Wednesday- 5:30, Liturgy of The Hours

  First Friday Each Month- 7:00 p.m. (Mass, Adoration and Reconciliation, ends at 10:00)

News/Upcoming Events

2nd Annual Social Ministries Yardsale

  On July 21st St. Anthony's will Host a large yard-sale and fundraising event. We are beginning to take donations of clothes and household items in good condition that can be sold.  All Funds raised will help to support social ministry activities throughout the year.  Clear out some clutter from your lives and help to provide some for those in need by supporting and donating to this great event.  Free Lemonade and Hotdogs will be provided.  Contact Jane Sandt for more information.  

Cancer Patient Support and Outreach

   We have begun to work with the local cancer center to provide for the simple, yet important needs of the patients working through the chemo treatment process.  The needs of these patients are simple, yet the support we give goes a long way in helping them through this challenging time.  Please consider helping to provide some of the items from the list below.  Donations can be brought to St. Anthony's.


Beloved St. Anthony of Padua,

 Beseech Our Lord, whom you briefly held here on earth and who now holds you eternally, to restore all that has been lost in my life and all that sin has taken from me.  Please pray for me that I might be set on fire for the beauty of the Word of God as you were and that the words of the Lord Jesus Christ be my very life's breath.  Help me, O dear Saint Anthony, to  lose myself in the eternal embrace of the Holy Trinity and so be found in the love that enlivens the heavens. -Amen.  

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Office Phone: (276) 679-2336

Fr. Eric Baffour Asamoah


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